P I T T E R P A T T E R on my window

Thunder rumbled, lightening struck, and boom! It started raining cats and dogs.

11:45 AM, on a Monday, during semester break: I should be asleep. But this weather is not the weather when I sleep. I got up, got my book and a cup of hot tea, and came to the balcony. It is a happy morning for me.
A random conversation lead my friend saying ” One can only love the rain when one is in love” to me. What really IS the definition of this four letter word? To me:

LOVE is a myth. Love isn’t only when a person feels deeply affectionate or however you describe the feeling, towards someone.
Love is spending quality time with your family.
Love is listening to your favourite song. 
Love is reading a book during your favourite weather.
Love is the purring sound your cat makes. 
Love is when you feel slightly happy without taking your morning antidepressants. 
Love can be anything, and everything. 


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