Slow motion or just, slow?

Ever feel so…restless that everything around you is moving either too slow, or maybe, YOU are moving too fast?

It was 8:10 AM, the alarm hadn’t even gone off yet and I had jolted up from my bed. I got up, and as I was halfway up I could feel this pounding in my head. No, it was my heart; it was beating too fast. I was having an attack. And It wasn’t those oh-okay-should-I-go-to-class-or-not-type, it was the nope-not-going-type. I  took my phone, put it on silent, and went back to sleep.
I woke up sometime around 1 in the afternoon, and even though I had a pretty good day from then onward, there has been this feeling, this feeling of restlessness, that whenever I am walking, everything is going by either TOO FAST or TOO SLOW. I didn’t let it get to me till dinner time, when I put the water mug down, and to me I was putting it down slow, but then it hit the table with a bang so loud I thought it broke.

I have had this for so long, but I could never put it into words. Does this happen to you too? Tell me. Someone. Anyone.

-Sincerely, a Bipolar Soul.



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